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BUILT Laptop Backpack

BUILT Laptop Backpack

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Women love designer handbags, I love gadget bags.

My latest is the BUILT laptop backpack which is organic and minimal in form.

It’s always risky buying something of this nature, since you’ll never know how it conforms and presents itself on your body.

So far so good, lots of carrying space for accessories, though it can get tight lengthwise for my 17" MacBook Pro.

Got mine "large" from Koyono.com at a sale price.

Posted by inju on 2008-06-13 18:05:35

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To The Top

To The Top

We are in the Lee Plaza Hotel abandonded art deco building maybe 15 stories.
That’s a Detroit cop who found us and asked if we were armed. The girl is a cop intern.
I was tweekin and had my cam on its tripod and clicked without looking as we talked.
He didnt make us leave or take our names or anything. The building is borded up with one opening and a cinder block climb up 6 or 7 feet to get in. Told us to be careful and told us there were great views from the top. go figure~

photostream of gent with camera & tripod here

Lee Plaza Hotel info

Posted by Mike_tn on 2009-04-22 00:26:20

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