top dog

top dog

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve been wanting to post a top view shot of Flint for awhile but have hesitated doing so because he has a bald butt. Despite him being fluffy all over, he has a large bald area starting at the base of his tail all the way down to the backs of his hind legs, to the hock. His tail has become pretty thin as well and his back half has thinned out a bit too. He’s been like this for about 3 years and we think it is due to Alopecia X. Nothing is really known about what causes Alopecia X or how to cure it, but I’ve started feeding him some Biotin this year and I think I’m seeing some teeny tiny improvement.

Thankfully, this balding seems to be purely cosmetic so it’s not a big worry. For pictures, I’ve learned to work around it by making sure that the angle is correct, though I have to admit that for some shots it’s very limiting and I wish I didn’t always have to think about it every time I photograph him. I’ve let the hair on his back half grow longer so that I can groom/shape/trim it to hide the bald parts a bit…the dog combover, haha. So, while I won’t be posting any of his side body profiles, frogs legs, or the cute way he throws up his hind feet when he runs, there is a positive side to having a bald butt: It’s very easy to clean his bottom when he has a messy #2! Wait, was that too much information??

Posted by Pomaroo on 2011-11-25 04:54:00

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Top of the world…

Top of the world...

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Top of Navy Pier (Chicago) – Square

Top of Navy Pier (Chicago) - Square

The top of Chicago’s Navy Pier, extending out into Lake Michigan.

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