It is a sexy Ultrabook, slim and Fast

Ultra book is a thinly laptop and lighter than laptops generally. Unlike netbooks, ultrabook has a high specification with a captivating design. Ultrabook is arguably the Macbook Air this version of Windows. Advantages of ultrabook compared with a notebook or laptop hybrid such as ultrabook is a lightweight computer, easy to carry, but can be used for work that is serious enough for the complete features and amenities. General ultrabook had excellent battery life. Another plus is the design and shape of the trendy and thin from a strong material.

This time, we will be a little reviewing one of ultrabook from ASUS, ASUS Zenbook i.e. UX305.

Fast. Slim. Beautiful

ASUS has been innovating in the thin line of laptop wrapped in aluminum by issuing UX305 series 13.3-inch laptop, with only 12.3 mm thick and weighs only 1.2 kg.

One of the most attractive features of the ultrabook is a high resolution up to 3200 × 1800/267 pixels per inch (PPI). The display on the screen automatically balances the level of brightness of the screen space with light. Smart light sensor capable of reading the current light conditions to perform the adjustment of the brightness on the screen. Your eyes will feel more comfortable, and the battery of the notebook being more frugal.

Zenbook UX305 comes with screen resolutions up to Quad HD +. Screen brightness 300 CD/m2, viewing angle 178 degrees and anti reflective coating serves the deeper picture. Special technology on display is capable of producing color gamut that is able to cover 72% NTSC range for a more natural look.

With a choice of memory up to 8 GB, 256 GB SSD storage media. Choice of SSD allows the process to be 6 x faster compared to conventional hard disk (SATA).

ASUS Zenbook UX305

Supports standard WIFI 802.11 full air conditioning, speed Zenbook UX305 to reach 867Mbit/Sec ensure speed 3 x WIFI standard better than any before.
3 port USB 3.0 is capable of transmitting data up to 10 x faster than USB 2.0, and it presents a better speed to recharge other devices, 50% faster in spite of Zenbook in a State of sleep or death.

Fanless design makes Zenbook UX305 remain calm and not noisy. The heat is disposed using systems of air flow in order to save natural resources and maintaining performance remains stable.

The battery life can last up to 10 hours, allowing you will still be able to work while being outdoors in quite a long time.

Best laptop deserves to have the best sound. SonicMaster produce sounds you’ve never heard of before in a laptop, with the bass and crystal-clear vocals.

asus-zenbook-ux305 White and Black
The Ultrabook super light comes with a choice of elegant white and black, enhanced with aluminium cover design textured circle Zen and design side of the edge of memorable pieces of gems to accentuate her beauty.

Samsung ATIV SmartPC, Don’t Expect Too Much

Samsung ATIV SmartPCSamsung ATIV Smart PC is a laptop with a convertible design that has similarities to tablet Asus series transformers. The difference, Smart PC has a display ATIV greater than Transformers, 11.6 “. Though they have a relatively large screen for a tablet, the weight is light, just keep ATIV 744 grams.

Because that’s the Smart PC very easy ATIV brought to everywhere, even with the keyboard dock attached, it weighs just 1, 45kg. Unfortunately, this PC Smart ATIV body feels very slick when gripped. We always hold it with two hands when doing the testing, to avoid unwanted things like dropping this Convertible laptop.

The screen has a resolution of PCS Smart ATIV 1.366 x 768 pixels. Although the resolution looks small when compared to resolution retina display, Smart PC capable of displaying ATIV text clearly without any pixelation.

This laptop has a full-sized keyboard, This is one of the hallmarks of ATIV Smart PC keyboard buttons, feels very comfortable when pressed. Far better than a notebook with screen size equivalent. However, as the saying goes, there is a way there is a price. Smart PC ATIV price much more expensive compared to the price of a netbook.

The dock also has a keyboard touchpad, which unfortunately are less convenient to use. Not a big deal, because navigation can and will be more comfortable if done with a touch screen.

An ATIV Smart PC equipped with Intel Atom Z2760 dual core which has a clock speed of 1.8 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, and 64 GB storage – the left around 39GB for the user. Samsung also supplement this PC Smart ATIV with two cameras: the camera has a resolution of 8 Megapixels and comes with an led flash and front camera 2-Megapixel resolution.

Another advantage that is owned by ATIV Smart PC’s S-Pen. Trademark of Samsung, which is also available on the Galaxy series Note. The active stylus pen is very comfortable when used for drawing or writing. Samsung also provides the default applications such as S-Note, S-Gallery, and S-Player.

Connectivity is owned by ATIV Smart PC is very diverse. In addition to free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can use the 3 g connection, because Samsung provides slot micro SIM card. They also give you 1 fruits of USB 2.0 ports on a tablet, and two more on the keyboard dock. There is also a MicroSD slot to expand storage. Connection to a monitor or television can do because it had a Smart PC ATIV slot uHDMI. There is also a combo microphone/headphone port.

An awesome thing of the ATIV SmartPC is the durability of the battery. When used actively for typing, browsing, and watch the video for an hour, only 10% of the battery life are low.

Samsung Launches First AMD Laptop Thin in Indonesia

samsung series 5 535u3cIf Intel had Ultrabook for thin laptop, its competitor, AMD also has similar products. Thin laptop with AMD processor is named Ultrathin.

Although not as popular as Ultrabook, Ultrahin have already browsed several countries, including Indonesia. Samsung becomes the first start by launching a line of thin laptops Series 5 based AMD processor A6 “Trinity” on Tuesday (10/7/2012) in Jakarta.

More precisely, “Ultrathin” laptops that Samsung has released model number 535U3C. Screen of 13.3 inches and brings the technology “Super Bright Anti-Reflective”.

This category of thin laptops with cheaper price than a thin laptop “Ultrabook” hosts Intel a lot consists of premium models.

Samsung Series 5 535U3C has a maximum thickness of 17.6 mm and weighs just 1.52 kg so it looks sleek. Inside embedded dual-core AMD processor A6 4455M (2.1 GHz) with integrated graphics Radeon HD 7500, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and hard disk capacity of 500 GB.