Samsung Notebook Ativ Book

Samsung Notebook Ativ BookYou now no longer need to carry a laptop and a tablet as well as Samsung presents its newest innovation with product, Samsung Smart PC ATIV accommodate the needs of these two devices. Product based operating system Windows 8 combines the sophistication of a laptop and the convenience of a tablet. You can now work on the heavy computing jobs like to create documents or presentations with function with their laptops, or use the tablet for listening to songs, browsing the internet or watching video. Samsung ATIV Smart PC consists of two parts, namely a tablet that functions as well as screen size 11.6 “” and the keyboard dock that can be easily connected by magnetic. With Samsung’s Smart PC ATIV, the mobility you will not be bothered with fixed optimal performance.

Revolutionary Design

Samsung back creates products with a revolutionary design. Samsung tablet PC is Smart ATIV is provided with a keyboard or a dock Board if paired with the keyboard, then the table will have a look and function as a notebook. To connect between the tablet with keyboard, there is a magnetic Board so that it can be easily removed in pairs and when you want to use it as a notebook or tablet. With designs that support the portability is certainly going to support you, the professionals who have high mobility.

Display 11.6 “” HD multi-touch

Samsung Smart screen supported PC ATIV-sized 11.6 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, 16: 9 aspect ratio and high brightness 400 nit. With this HD quality screen, you can comfortably watch videos or perform other computing with tablet functionality or that notebook. Any operation made with multi-touch capabilities as well as S-Pen that has previously been introduced in Samsung Galaxy Product Note. With multi-touch capability, the screen can respond to multi-touch up to 10 including finger pinch (pinch), rotate images, or shift the screen. While his Pen with S that has a 1024-point touch sensitivity levels, enables you to make text and images.

Optimal Performance

A Samsung ATIV Smart PC equipped with Intel Atom Z2760 1.8 GHz, memory speed DDR2 2 GB RAM and Intel GMA graphics memory which allows you easily to do multitasking. Equipped with 64 GB SSD storage memory, giving you ample space to store a variety of data-your important data. Not only that, Smart PC is also supported with camera 8 megapixel rear and front camera 2 megapixels with picture quality that increasingly add to the captivating allure of this product. To support all of the above work, the battery can last long enough for 13.5 hours.

Keyboard Touchpad &

In order to support a more comfortable computing job, you can pair these hybrid tablets into the docking station keyboard. The distance between the keyboard, making it easier and minimize typos. The Touchpad also supports more than one finger touch the growing ease of operation. On a keyboard dock, is equipped with a USB 2.0 port so you can connect it with a variety of other digital devices with ease as well as the port battery charger. So, if your tablet battery had been reduced, when you plug the tablet into the docking station keyboard tablet battery then automatically be filled.

Unlimited Connectivity

For connectivity, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC is equipped with a full range of services to support Your mobility is high. There is a GSM SIM slot for 3 g and 4 g network support, external MicroSD slot, 1 piece USB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, as well as a mini HDMI slot. To support wireless connectivity, comes with WiFi makes, you can easily connect to the internet at a hotspot area.

Function S-Note

With this S-function Note, the same as it has been found on the Samsung Galaxy Note, you can easily take notes, draw or more using S-Pen to enter text input. This can be either the input text when or handwriting. You also have a wide selection of templates to aid in the manufacture of various types of documents and images

All Share Play

With the All-Share Samsung feature, you can send data between devices or the Samsung. You can also download apps Samsung (Samsung App) and applications in store Windows application Store. You can play or send anything from a variety of digital devices, storage or web service wirelessly.

Windows 8

Samsung ATIV Smart PC based the latest operating system Windows 8 to support your high productivity. Enjoy the visual appearance is more attractive, smoother performance and seamless and enjoyable multimedia experience with Windows 8. You can install easily with a wide choice of interfaces for both the use of mouse and keyboard for a desktop-like classic or touch capabilities.

Top Laptops 2015

The laptop has many functions and features of interest. In addition, these devices can be brought everywhere, so that enough demand, whether from among workers and young people. Just as computers, laptop specs and price that is available is quite varied. Ranging from entry level up to a laptop gaming laptop that comes with high-end specifications and the price is exorbitant.

Top Laptops 2015

Cheap laptops under $ 300 Asus, cheap laptops under $ 300 Lenovo, cheap laptops under $ 300 olx, cheap laptops under $ 300 kaskus, cheap laptops under $ 300 lazada, top laptops 2015 Priced under $ 300 qualified, cheap laptops under $ 300.

Performance from your Laptop indeed depends on the price of the sale. The more expensive the price of laptops getting higher specs is different themes. However, that does not mean the laptops at bargain prices can be ignored just because the laptops are also sometimes have excellent specifications, such as top 5 laptops 2015 priced under $ 300 here.

Here’s the top 5 laptops 2015 priced under $ 300 with dual-core processors

– HP Pavilion-10-f001AU
– Asus Eee PC 1015BX-RED014W
– Lenovo IdeaPad-E-10 527
– Lenovo IdeaPad-S206
– Toshiba NB505-1006G

Samsung Ativ Book 2

Samsung ATIV Book 2Samsung Presents Samsung ATIV Book 2

Samsung indeed has long been known as one of the world’s major electronic equipment vendors. Its products also have been very diverse. Even now, Samsung has also penetrated the computer market by presenting several variants of the laptop. After launching two new multimedia product ultrabook, higher level class for now, Samsung has also provided one of the variants of the laptop that was given the name Samsung ATIV Book 2.

Choose your laptop indeed has to be adapted to the needs, not only on the basis of a high specification only. Low specification is not necessarily bad. If it takes it only as the basic functions only, laptop with low specifications is not a bad choice. But of course, this must be done with consideration of the most basic needs.

Everyday Laptops

Samsung ATIV Book 2 is designed for those who need laptops that are able to complement the needs of everyday life. This laptop is capable of answering the needs of either the Office or relaxing at home with family. But there are certainly some things that distinguish this laptop with other laptops. The difference lies in the convenience offered by this laptop.

Samsung ATIV Book 2 not only offers convenience for its users. This laptop also price at an affordable price. Interestingly again this laptop will not only provide convenience for users at affordable prices but also offer a fairly formidable performance. With your laptop you can do many things without having to be concerned with its own capabilities.

Do a lot of things with the Samsung ATIV Book 2

samsung ativ book 2 review

The ability to offer Samsung ATIV Book 2 actually included standard. Some of the capabilities that are supported by this laptop which is to work on documents, use of the Internet to enjoy multimedia entertainment. Talk about specs, Samsung ATIV Book 2 looked pretty amazing. Even on the sides of the processor the laptop has been equipped with a 2.5 GHz Core i3 processor.

Samsung ATIV Book 2 comes with the operating system Windows 8 64 bits. This is the ease with which promised by Samsung ATIV Book 2. With the presence of pre installed Windows 8 users can directly use this laptop without having to mess around with complicated installation process. On the side of the screen, the Samsung ATIV Book 2 use, screen size 15.6 HD LED display, and to give a tough laptop graphics performance has also been provided with 710M NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with 1 GB of memory.

The capacity of RAM provided by Samsung ATIV Book 2 also had quite high. On the side of RAM this laptop has powered by RAM capacity of 4 GB. As for providing a large storage capacity, the Samsung ATIV Book 2 has been equipped with HDD capacity 500 GB. For the sake of indulging its users Samsung ATIV Book 2 also has included with some other standard features like Wi-Fi, optical drive, stereo speakers, 720 p HD Web Camera and much more.

It is a sexy Ultrabook, slim and Fast

Ultra book is a thinly laptop and lighter than laptops generally. Unlike netbooks, ultrabook has a high specification with a captivating design. Ultrabook is arguably the Macbook Air this version of Windows. Advantages of ultrabook compared with a notebook or laptop hybrid such as ultrabook is a lightweight computer, easy to carry, but can be used for work that is serious enough for the complete features and amenities. General ultrabook had excellent battery life. Another plus is the design and shape of the trendy and thin from a strong material.

This time, we will be a little reviewing one of ultrabook from ASUS, ASUS Zenbook i.e. UX305.

Fast. Slim. Beautiful

ASUS has been innovating in the thin line of laptop wrapped in aluminum by issuing UX305 series 13.3-inch laptop, with only 12.3 mm thick and weighs only 1.2 kg.

One of the most attractive features of the ultrabook is a high resolution up to 3200 × 1800/267 pixels per inch (PPI). The display on the screen automatically balances the level of brightness of the screen space with light. Smart light sensor capable of reading the current light conditions to perform the adjustment of the brightness on the screen. Your eyes will feel more comfortable, and the battery of the notebook being more frugal.

Zenbook UX305 comes with screen resolutions up to Quad HD +. Screen brightness 300 CD/m2, viewing angle 178 degrees and anti reflective coating serves the deeper picture. Special technology on display is capable of producing color gamut that is able to cover 72% NTSC range for a more natural look.

With a choice of memory up to 8 GB, 256 GB SSD storage media. Choice of SSD allows the process to be 6 x faster compared to conventional hard disk (SATA).

ASUS Zenbook UX305

Supports standard WIFI 802.11 full air conditioning, speed Zenbook UX305 to reach 867Mbit/Sec ensure speed 3 x WIFI standard better than any before.
3 port USB 3.0 is capable of transmitting data up to 10 x faster than USB 2.0, and it presents a better speed to recharge other devices, 50% faster in spite of Zenbook in a State of sleep or death.

Fanless design makes Zenbook UX305 remain calm and not noisy. The heat is disposed using systems of air flow in order to save natural resources and maintaining performance remains stable.

The battery life can last up to 10 hours, allowing you will still be able to work while being outdoors in quite a long time.

Best laptop deserves to have the best sound. SonicMaster produce sounds you’ve never heard of before in a laptop, with the bass and crystal-clear vocals.

asus-zenbook-ux305 White and Black
The Ultrabook super light comes with a choice of elegant white and black, enhanced with aluminium cover design textured circle Zen and design side of the edge of memorable pieces of gems to accentuate her beauty.

Samsung ATIV SmartPC, Don’t Expect Too Much

Samsung ATIV SmartPCSamsung ATIV Smart PC is a laptop with a convertible design that has similarities to tablet Asus series transformers. The difference, Smart PC has a display ATIV greater than Transformers, 11.6 “. Though they have a relatively large screen for a tablet, the weight is light, just keep ATIV 744 grams.

Because that’s the Smart PC very easy ATIV brought to everywhere, even with the keyboard dock attached, it weighs just 1, 45kg. Unfortunately, this PC Smart ATIV body feels very slick when gripped. We always hold it with two hands when doing the testing, to avoid unwanted things like dropping this Convertible laptop.

The screen has a resolution of PCS Smart ATIV 1.366 x 768 pixels. Although the resolution looks small when compared to resolution retina display, Smart PC capable of displaying ATIV text clearly without any pixelation.

This laptop has a full-sized keyboard, This is one of the hallmarks of ATIV Smart PC keyboard buttons, feels very comfortable when pressed. Far better than a notebook with screen size equivalent. However, as the saying goes, there is a way there is a price. Smart PC ATIV price much more expensive compared to the price of a netbook.

The dock also has a keyboard touchpad, which unfortunately are less convenient to use. Not a big deal, because navigation can and will be more comfortable if done with a touch screen.

An ATIV Smart PC equipped with Intel Atom Z2760 dual core which has a clock speed of 1.8 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, and 64 GB storage – the left around 39GB for the user. Samsung also supplement this PC Smart ATIV with two cameras: the camera has a resolution of 8 Megapixels and comes with an led flash and front camera 2-Megapixel resolution.

Another advantage that is owned by ATIV Smart PC’s S-Pen. Trademark of Samsung, which is also available on the Galaxy series Note. The active stylus pen is very comfortable when used for drawing or writing. Samsung also provides the default applications such as S-Note, S-Gallery, and S-Player.

Connectivity is owned by ATIV Smart PC is very diverse. In addition to free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can use the 3 g connection, because Samsung provides slot micro SIM card. They also give you 1 fruits of USB 2.0 ports on a tablet, and two more on the keyboard dock. There is also a MicroSD slot to expand storage. Connection to a monitor or television can do because it had a Smart PC ATIV slot uHDMI. There is also a combo microphone/headphone port.

An awesome thing of the ATIV SmartPC is the durability of the battery. When used actively for typing, browsing, and watch the video for an hour, only 10% of the battery life are low.